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Friday, October 14, 2016 - 14:00 to Sunday, October 16, 2016 - 16:30

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora and the company OINORAMA wine consulting & business solutions with the support of the Municipal Council of Stara Zagora kindly invite you to become part of the unique Festival of wine and cultural heritage Avgustiada. This year it is going to be the fourth edition, and it will take place in the Regional Museum of History Stara Zagora from 14th to 16th of October 2016.

Why Avgustiada and why in Stara Zagora?

  •      Stara Zagora had the name Augusta Trayana in the ancient times.
  •      Stara Zagora is proud of the spectacular Dionysian procession mosaic. It is a unique and remarkable finding, which was created to worship the god of wine and merriment  
  •      Stara Zagora is located in the heart of Bulgaria, consistently placed in the top national business development and quality of life rankings and is able to offer its guests a memorable experience.
  •     Ancient winemaking tradition, which endured through the centuries in Stara Zagora as well as in Bulgaria.

What is the aim of the Avgustiada Festival?

  •       The Avgustida is a part of the official program of the Celebration Day of Stara Zagora - October 5th, and it is annually held in October.
  •       An excellent opportunity to be meet the wine producers, food industry representatives; wine aficionados, gastronomy, and cultural heritage; representatives of various industries from all walks of life.
  •      Design a sustainable tourist attraction to highlight the cultural heritage of Stara Zagora for the residents as well as the guests and tour operators from Bulgarian and abroad.

Why should you be a part of the Festival?

     In last years, the art of wine and food in Bulgaria has undergone profound changes and development. The forum in Stara Zagora, with its uniqueness, hospitality, and pleasant atmosphere has a great potential to awaken a massive international interest.

    If you are willing to meet the representatives of the wineries, the food industry, the hotel, and restaurant business, supermarket chains, banks, insurance companies, heavy and light industry, public institutions, wine connoisseurs and many other interesting personalities, you are welcomed!

And the last, but not the least…

  •       Macedonia is the international partner of Avgustiada 2016.
  •       The event is accompanied by a rich and diversity in culture, wine, and food.
  •       For the first time, an Avgustiada Queen will be elected being Ambassador of the Festival.

      For more details about the Avgustiada festival and to feel the spirit, watch the video from the previous editions of Avgustiada, check out www.avgustiada.com. To get the tickets, contact info@chambersz.com or 042/636033, 042/626297.

      See you in Stara Zagora! 


avgustiada wine festival
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