Moma Restaurant is the new modern face of Bulgarian restaurants. Its concept combines a delightful culinary experience with authentic recipes which remind us of past times and bring us back to our roots, and a state-of-the-art interior is blending the beauty and purity of the Bulgarian maidens of yore, represented by the designer through various visual symbols, photos, fabrics, and decors.

The interior design of each dining hall of Moma Restaurant conveys a message related to the culture and traditions of maidens and young women in Bulgaria. Each dining hall has its own feel and look, with distinctive imagery and activities traditionally related in the past to Bulgarian maidens and young women, such as ears of wheat, bread baking, the closed clay pot where bread was baked in the embers of the hearth, needlework, spinning, weaving of carpets and rugs, celebrations of the Lazarus Saturday, rose picking rituals. The materials and ornaments used in each dining hall are related to these activities and crafts typical of the Bulgarian women of the past and of their homes.

The colors of the interior are traditional for the lifestyle of Bulgarian women of the olden days: white – symbolizing the purity of maidens, red – symbolizing the blood of the mother and the power of the fertile soil, green – symbolizing the eternal rebirth and revival, golden – symbolizing the Sun, the light and prosperity.