Uva Nestum restaurant – enoteca is situated about 1.5 km away of Gotze Delchev, on the road to Garmen and Leshten villages.

The location of the restaurant is unique: on one hand, Uva Nestum is in the immediate proximity of the town of Gotze Delchev, on the other hand – it takes its guests to a piece of a globe, which is close to nature, away from everyday stress and routine.

Unique in its conception and realization, Uva Nestum restaurant – enoteca is built on a part of a 600 – are the piece of land. A reservoir – fish farm and a barbecue place have already been built in estate’s premises; vineyards have been planted and opportunities for raising different kinds of birds and animals have been created as well.

The continuation of the former tradition of planting vineyards and making wine in the region is a life – time dream for the estate’s owner. This is a dream, which preserved the longings of many people in his family and which turned their skills and efforts into a stimulus for looking for the creative symbiosis between the tradition and the innovation.

It takes a lot of time to make this dream come true. As the most important thing the realization of the dream is to own the land, the process started with buying a suitable piece of land, then – planting the vineyards and just after that – the first steps of building the winery itself were undertaken.

Restaurant-enoteca Uva Nestum, besides the diverse selection of Bulgarian and imported wines, offers it's own wine - produced in the adjacent to the restaurantUva Nestum Winery.

Every aspect of the wine production - from the planting of the vines, to the bottling is done in-house at Uva Nestum Winery - only a few meters away from the restaurant-enoteca Uva Nestum.