Uva Nestum Winery has at its disposal a 10 – decar arable land where the vineyards have been planted. In the vineyards, planted a couple of years ago, different varieties of grapes have been grown, such as: Cabernet Fran, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Rubin; in the rest, recently planted vineyards – the variety of grapes Syrah.

Uva Nestum Winery is registered in the National Chamber of Viticulture and Wine Production under the number 33546B and is licensed to produce and sell wine. The wine production is classically simplified and the technology approach is closer to the art of enology than to manufacturing.

Uva Nestum Winery emphasizes the quality rather than the quantity of the wine production. The favourable climate and soil conditions, the quality control over growing grapes and making wine, the investment in wine production and the policy of no – compromise towards technical and technological omissions are convincing prerequisites of success. These prerequisites make us believe that Uva Nestum Winery will gradually reach its potential; it will be proved that Uva Nestum trademark is created and developed by wine enthusiasts, who do believe that the wine is a gift from God, but which is created and looked after by man, by his love and concern.

The goal of Uva Nestum’s wine – makers is to create quality wines, totally made of grapes, grown in the vineyards owned by the winery (so-called single – vineyard); and whit the deep inner conviction that wines do reflect great things of their origin, the best, which the land can give. And wines do this with power, balance, and finesse.