Zelanos Winery

Zelanos Winery is located in the village of Slavânci, Sungurlare district, near Bourgas and is one of the newest white pearls of Bulgarian wine. The name of the winery and the trademark originate from the name of the Thracian God of wine Zelanos, which in translation means (Desired). 


Vinex Slavyantsi

Vinex Slavyantsi consists of four wine-cellars: Slavyantsi, Sungurlare, Lozarevo, Chernitsa and Karnobat. Using highly efficient technologies and employing qualified personnel the company produces about 150 000 hectoliters of wine, vermouth and rakia per year. The volume capacity is 300 000 hectoliters, including 200 000 hectoliters for preliminary wine production and 1600 oak barrels with volume 200dm³. 


Varna Winery

Varna Winery is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, between “Albena” and “Golden Sands”  resorts. The winery is part of a wine tourism complex. The winery is equipped with modern facilities to produce high-quality wines of the leading Italian manufacturers of equipment Enoveneta, Puleo, Alfate. The technology is in line with the latest global trends, with emphasis on manual operations. In the process of processing the grapes and wine are handled carefully and friendly. For the first time in Bulgaria transfer pulps and wine is done by gravity, without the use of pumps.


Villa Lyubimets Winery

“Villa Lyubimets” is a trademark of “Villa Lyubimets” ЕООD, registered in 2005. The company owns 5000 decares of new vineyards in the two towns' regions. The specially selected varieties of grapes are cultivated by the latest viticultural techniques and under strict technological supervision. The company aims at new-generation quality products to fully satisfy the needs and the taste of discerning clients.


Karabunar Winery

The Karabunar Winery is located 80 km from the country’s capital Sofia. The village of Karabunar is famous beyond its area for its first quality wines. Located at an altitude of 250 meters and with an annual summary temperature of over 4000⁰С the region has some of the best soil and atmospheric characteristics in Bulgaria for the growth of excellent grapes. Over 80% of the arable land in the region is planted with vines. The quality of the region’s Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety is among the finest in the country.


Chateau Copsa

Chateau Copsa is a family winery, situated in the Thracian Region of Bulgarian, in the heart of the famous Rose Valley. Copsa Winery and Chateau is one of the few family wineries in Bulgaria that completely covers the definition “domain grown and bottled” – we have our own vineyards, modern equipped winery and laboratory, and a wine cellar for maturing of our wines. The winery is established in 1998 by family Minkov and later in 2008 was build the imposing Chateau Copsa.


Stema Starosel

Stema Starosel Winery is located in the village of Starosel – 40 km north-west from the city of Plovdiv. STEMA Starosel Wine Cellar was founded in 2009 in the region of Starosel, Bulgaria. It is in the municipality of the city of Plovdiv - the Cultural Capital of Europe 2019.The winery has 10 ha of own vineyards, having the following grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Misket and Rkatsiteli. The winery has a restaurant and spacious summer patio, welcoming guests from all over Bulgaria and the world.


Via Verde

Via Verde was conceived in 2013 as a family project. 

Their philosophy is based on the believes that everyone should strive to fulfill their potential, reaching the balance with nature.

Their mission is to produce wine, that reveals the grapes potential and has its character, wine that brings inspiration.