Vinex Slavyantsi consists of four wine-cellars: Slavyantsi, Sungurlare, Lozarevo, Chernitsa and Karnobat. Using highly efficient technologies and employing qualified personnel the company produces about 150 000 hectoliters of wine, vermouth and rakia per year. The volume capacity is 300 000 hectoliters, including 200 000 hectoliters for preliminary wine production and 1600 oak barrels with volume 200dm³. 

Vinex Slavyantsi is a combination of tradition and innovation. According to archaeological findings in the region, vine-growing and wine-producing were practiced since the antiquity. After the liberation from Ottoman yoke, the area of vineyards increased, wine-producing spread, wines and brandy trading emerged. At the exhibition in Antwerp Belgium in 1898 wine sort “Red Misket”, made from a local trader gets the first gold medal for white Bulgarian wine. After the First World War, the wine-producing developed Furthermore, when the export of draft wines to Germany started. After 1929, the local consumer cooperations built wineries in almost all of the villages in the area. The wineries in the villages of Slavyantsi, Grozden, and Sungurlare became separate wine cooperations that existed until 1950.

The vineyards of “Vinex Slavyantsi” are about 7 000 decares and are located on the southern slopes of hills in the Valley. Vinex Slavyantsi markets about 150 000 hectoliters of wine, vermouth, and rakia per year. The high-quality production is widely accepted on the European, Asian and American markets. The primary goal of the winery is to meet the clients’ expectations of high-quality and competitive prices.