Located around the South Sakar Mountain, Chateau Kolarovo is a small boutique winery with a very recent history. It was established in 2009, which is also the year of their first vintage, by Stoyan Stoyanov. Originally from Stara Zagora, his family’s heritage brought him to South Sakar Mountain, and so he decided to purchase 12 ha of old vineyards in the region.

As the name suggests, Chateau Kolarovo is located near the village of Kolarovo, near Harmanli. About 40000 bottles of wine are produced annually, divided into smaller boutique selections, but they always possess this mild southern taste of ripe fruit with smoky notes. The small team is headed by winemaker Iliana Koeva whose ambition is to turn Chateau Kolarovo into one of the best wineries in the region using experimental and technological methods. The new winery is pleased to welcome visitors, but advanced reservations are required.