Marvin Winery

Marvin winery was established in 2005 on the territory of Hadzhi Dimitrovo, a village in the municipality of Yambol, situated 20 km away from Sliven in the “Valley of the Thracian Rulers”. Recent archaeological finds in the area are presenting more and more artifacts, illustrating the lives and livelihoods of ancient Thracians, who inhabited these lands.The location of the winery and vineyards, in a region with a rich historical heritage, benefits the development of cultural, historical and wine tourism.


Zelanos Winery

Zelanos Winery is located in the village of Slavânci, Sungurlare district, near Bourgas and is one of the newest white pearls of Bulgarian wine. The name of the winery and the trademark originate from the name of the Thracian God of wine Zelanos, which in translation means (Desired). 


Zlaten Rozhen Winery

The winery of Zlaten Rozhen is located in the village of Kapatovo, in a land property of approximately 4000 m2. The winery is a modern architectural complex, with a fully completed production cycle, starting with grapes and ending at the bottle of wine. It is equipped with the most modern fermentation facilities with options to optimize and control all processes of vinification, maturing, stabilization and bottling of the wines. It handles the grapes yielded by the vines, reaching a capacity of 150 tons annually.

Gulbanis Wine Winery

Gulbanis Wine is a Bulgarian winery located in Gorsky Dolen Trambesh, Bulgaria. The vineyards of Gulbanis Wine spread on the rolling hills of the village, below which the silvery Yantra meanders its way. The beauty of the scenery is naturally intertwined with the exotic company name.


Saedinenie Winery

The winery holds and cultivates 700 Ha of private vineyards in the region Nayden Gerovo village. The grape varieties grown there include both traditional Bulgarian ones and country/region unique varieties such as Dornfelder, Regent and Glera. Wines of those varieties will soon be released on the market.

The winery has been refurbished and equipped with technology and facilities aided by an investment of over BGN 4,4 million. This is an advanced technological winery with technical facilities that are unique for the country, equipped in compliance with the latest world standards.


Vinex Slavyantsi

Vinex Slavyantsi consists of four wine-cellars: Slavyantsi, Sungurlare, Lozarevo, Chernitsa and Karnobat. Using highly efficient technologies and employing qualified personnel the company produces about 150 000 hectoliters of wine, vermouth and rakia per year. The volume capacity is 300 000 hectoliters, including 200 000 hectoliters for preliminary wine production and 1600 oak barrels with volume 200dm³.