DiVes Estate Winery was built on the historic hill Simeonova Mound, located 10 minutes’ drive from Sunny Beach Resort, between the townships of Aheloy and Kableshkovo. Its location opens a splendid vista on the seashore. The vineyards stretch along the south-eastern slopes of the hilly land nearby the winery. The grapes mature splendidly owing to the moderately hot summer and the continuous autumn. The warm sun, the salty sea, and the incessant sea breeze are indispensable to our wine’s terroir.

The place has been named after King Simeon the Great (863-927), because it is believed that he led and won the Battle at Aheloy on 20 August 917 AD from this place. This battle is one of the largest-in-scale in Europe throughout the entire Middle Ages.  At first, it looked as if the Byzantine troops were dominating, but at the most critical moment, the Bulgarian King Simeon attacked with his cavalry and the remaining troops that had been hiding until then. The Byzantine army scattered and was destroyed by the Bulgarians. Simeon the Great won a decisive victory.

DiVes Winery is a new generation of Bulgarian winemakers, infatuated with the entire journey that the Sun makes all the way to your glass. The mission of the winery is to preserve the best there is to a terroir and to offer you the wine that will strike you with its genuine naturalness. Each grape variety is grown in a separate land plot. The winemakers apply only cutting-edge oenological technologies to the process of winemaking. The modern usage of a cold and inert environment aids them in tincturing their white wine varieties, and in applying pre-fermentative maceration to the red ones. The winery achieves its mission through a mixture of freshness and fruitiness, which helps distinguish the wines for their authentic naturalness.