“Khan Krum” Wine Cellar was opened back in 1939, when part of vineyard owners in the village of Khan Krum found their own vine - growing and wine - making cooperation. A wine cellar of classic type with concrete reservoirs was built on an area of 30 decares. a The reconstruction of the wine cellar starts in 1976, including a technological line for high - quality wines (AOC), bottling line and a compartment for wine stabilization.In the years of socialism “Khan Krum” Wine Cellar is an elite cellar for production of high - quality white wines.A reconstruction of the wine cellar was carried out in 2005, including modernization of the vessel capacity for preservation of wines of the bottling capacities. 

“Khan Krum” Wine Cellar is situated in the outskirts of the village with the same name, along the southern slopes of Shumen Plateau, 9 km. North - east of the town of Veliki Preslav and the same distance west of the town of Shumen.
The grapes in the region of the wine cellar are about 5500 decares. The classic white sorts Chardonnay, Aligote, Muscat Otonel, Traminer, Rakatziteli, Rhein Riesling and of the Bulgarian sorts - Dimyat comprise a basic part.The work vessel capacity of the wine cellar is 3500 tons, and the possibilities for processing of grapes about 4500 tons. Besides an equipped technological line for white wines, the wine cellar disposes of vessels for preservation and aging of red wines. The fermentation department has a capacity of 900 tons and possibility for control of temperature.

“Khan Krum” Wine Cellar exports its production for countries from all over the world, among which: Russia, England, USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, etc.