The Wine Cellar “Malkata Zvezda” was established in 2005 in the place, named “The Little Pentacle”, near the town of Harmanli in South-Eastof Bulgaria by Doctor Stefan Angelov and his partners and associates.

This Pentacle represents an ancient commercial crossroad. Its relation to the Thracian does inspire Dr. Angelov. Hi decides to build a winery and to  make wines for his colleagues dentists, because of the difficult conditions of work in the dentistry sector, where the atmosphere is full of stress and tension, so they need to find balance and torepose after the hard workday. Another stimulus was his charitable initiative to take care for free of our Bulgarian monks in “Sveta Gora” Monastery at Atone, Greece. They asked him to deliver there  good and pure Bulgarian wine, so the story began...

The Wine Cellar “Malkata Zvezda” follows the traditions and the inspiration of the ancient wine masters over the Bulgarian lands. The vine cellar has a production department, an underground cellar for casks, a bottling line, a laboratory, a cosy sample room and unique atmosphere in which guests can feel that wine production.The wine is a magic and “Enigma” wines series are real delight.
Our winery processes with low yielded qualitative grapes which gathered the sunbeams of Golden Thrace precondition and guarantee for the high standard of the offered wines.