The Rousse Wine House specializes in boutique series of wines, each consisting of 2000 up to 15 000 bottles. It was founded in 2005 by the brothers Plamen Bobokov and Atanas Bobokov, joined by Tsanko Stanchev – an enologist with 25 years of experience in wine making. The House is arranged in a unique fortification structure dating back almost 200 years, and its setting up has been intended to preserve the traditions and expertise in the field of wine-trade in the Ruse region. 

The production technology is a combination of an ancient natural winemaking practice and recent technical developments. To guarantee the quality of the end product, they have ensured that the grapes in the wine-cellar are manually sorted out. They have implemented a technology providing gentle grapes processing and wine treatment to preserve to the highest degree the fruit character and aromas of the grape varieties. Fermentation is carried out by using pure yeast strains in small fermentation tanks made of oak and stainless steel, while for Chardonnay new French oak barrels are specially used. Temperature monitoring is provided at each stage of the process.

The wine is aging in French and American oak barrels that are stored behind stonewalls as thick as 2.30 meters, ensuring the constant temperature all year-round.

The winery has the capacity to process 150.000 kg grapes which produce approximately 110 000 bottles of wine.