Santa Sarah estate owns 40 hectare of land in the village of Goritza near Pomorie and Nesebar in the Southern part of the Black Sea. A new vineyard with a small and beautifully modern winery will be established there.

80% of Santa Sarah’s wine production is sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium and Holland. Most of the 300 000 bottles annual production are the well-established Zar Simeon and Zar Simeon BIN 40 brands, produced each year exclusively for the German market.

The technology and the philosophy of making wine in Santa Sarah are entirely based on a minimum roughness over the grapes must and from where also over the wine produced from it. That is achieved first with a careful selection of the grapes on the vineyard. In the crates where they are transported fall only well ripen and uninjured bunches of grapes. Via refrigerator trucks the grapes arrive well cooled in the winery and its sorting starts right away. The low temperature gives a good start to the cold maturity  which continues for 14 days. The small capacity of the vats from10 up to 50 hl with which we work gives the possibility of a perfect control of the temperature during the two up to four weeks alcoholic fermentation.

The young wines mature on 100 percents in French oak barrels of the type "barrique" from 8 to 12 months and the correlation young to matured is individually specified for each wine.