SPA is a combination between health and happiness. Our concept is formed over several basic beliefs: Wine gives us beauty and health It is a pleasure for us to offer you for the first time in Bulgaria a unique SPA program in which wine and grape are the main ingredients. The polyphenols in grape are unique bio-active substances that ensure the effective protection of cells from harmful agents and aging. Their protective properties are 50 times stronger than those of vitamin E and 18 times from those of vitamin C. For our quests, we have selected authentic therapies and rituals based on wine and grape products, and we invite you to a nontraditional wine tasting. The bathtubs with wine extracts stimulate the blood circulation and purify our bodies from toxins. The massages with gentle oils will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. Discover wine therapy in its true authentic form! Taking care of your health makes you happier It is true that the task to compile a menu, which gives health and pleasure and in which wine has the leading role, wasn’t one of the hardest. Most of you imagine wine therapy as the sublime condition when you are well-relaxed in a bath with rich flavored wine, drinking from it with a straw. Although our products are 100% natural, for those of you who can’t resist the temptation, we offer to stick to the classic methods of tasting, which scientists claim to be equally healthy and useful. The frequent consumption of wine protects the body from cardio-vascular diseases and tumors. The healthy result comes from the natural substance called resveratrol, which red wine contains in great amounts. Reservatrol regulates the level of cholesterin in blood and protects cells from free radicals. Wine and Spa Hotel TODOROFF is the first in Bulgaria to offer SPA procedures based on grape and wine extract products. Our SPA program is based entirely on natural products. Mainly included are grape and vine leaves extracts, natural cold pressed grape seed oil, micronized marc and grape seed, red grape extracts, vine leaves extracts, red wine extracts, centela extracts, fresh grape mousse in combination with exclusive natural oils. All products are presented in decorative pots with their healing properties explained to the client.