Todoroff Boutique Wine Cellar is specialized in production of high quality red wines of "Mavrud", "Merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon" grape varieties in boutique series of limited quantity. The cellar is situated in one of the symbolic for the Bulgarian wine production villages - the village of Brestovitza. Wine cellar was built by Andonovi brothers in 1945. They were one of the most famous wine producers and wine dealers in Bulgaria of those days. In 1947 the cellar was nationalized by the Government and in 1992 was returned to the inherits. The present owner - Mr. Ivan Todoroff - bought the cellar in 2001 and made total reconstruction and modernization of the whole building complex. Now the wine cellar is a pretty complex, built in National Revival Period architectural style, equipped according to the most contemporary and modern technologies for wine production. Wine production in Plovdiv region dates from the ancient Thracian ages - a fact, which is evidenced by the numerous archaeological discoveries in the region. The tradition of wine producing, inherited from the ancient Thracians, reflects in the approach used in Todoroff Wine Cellar nowadays. This tradition, worshipped during the centuries, is based upon the fines and harmony of aroma and taste, along with the believe that making wine is a kind of Art. "Following the tradition, it is our goal to create a boutique product of guaranteed quality and at the same time to preserve the unique character of our wines. We are proud of this boutique wine, created in cooperation with our technologists; wine which carries the spirit of the ancient Thracians. As a sign of trust and honesty I give a toast to belief that each sip of this wine endows you with health, beauty and makes you proud inherits of the ancient history. Cheers!"