Mezek Wine Cellar

"Winery Mezek" is a micro-winery with an annual production of 4 metric tons. It is situated in the village of Mezek, near the Greek and Turkish boundaries.
Their philosophy is to produce ecologically pure wine, based on a technology, which makes the most of the idea “home winemaking”. 

Likewise, the winery offers to its guest wine tasting.

In the vinification process, they use the century-old submerged cap fermentation technique.

All production processes are being performed by hand.


Brestovitsa Winery

BRESTOVITSA WINERY is situated  in the south-west of Plovdiv, 17 kms away from the city, in the fruitful Thracian lowlands, a land famous for the making of the divine drink troughout its thousand year old history.

The winery was built in the late 30`s of the last century designed by French engineers. It is a classic example of a French above ground cellar with a total capacity of 4,000,000 liters.

The wine-cellar processes excellent hand-picked grapes, which ferment according to the classical technology for high-quality wines.


Katarzyna Estate

“The wine is made in the vineyards. We are just taking care of it, while it is in our cellar.”
The goal is by using traditional winemaking techniques to manifest the uniqueness of the vineyard, its terroir and to make wines, which carry the elegancy and refinement of “ The Old World” and to find the pure balance between the fruit, acidity, oak and the tannins. 
In their cellar, the key to the creation of good wine is passion.


Todoroff Restaurant

Galeria restaurant Galeria restaurant is the preferred venue of choice for meetings with friends and partners on a glass of fine wine. Cozy, with unique flair and elegant interior. A unique features of restaurant Galeria is its custom made fireplace, placed well in the center of the hall and contributing to its unrepeatable sense of warmth and hospitality. The restaurant offering 60 seats indoors, a terrace with additional 40 seats, and a barbeque garden for over 40 people.

Todoroff Spa

SPA is a combination between health and happiness. Our concept is formed over several basic beliefs: Wine gives us beauty and health It is a pleasure for us to offer you for the first time in Bulgaria a unique SPA program in which wine and grape are the main ingredients. The polyphenols in grape are unique bio-active substances that ensure the effective protection of cells from harmful agents and aging. Their protective properties are 50 times stronger than those of vitamin E and 18 times from those of vitamin C.

Hotel Todoroff Wine & Spa

Wine & SPA hotel TODOROFF is a four-star boutique hotel located in the village of Brestovitsa, at a distance of 150 km from Sofia and at only 15 km from the cultural capital of Bulgaria - Plovdiv. The hotel is situated in the shato of the TODOROFF Wine Cellar, and it offers a unique SPA menu, based entirely on natural products, from the wine producing process. The hotel offers an exquisite restaurant, 60 seats indoors, a terrace with additional 40 seats, and a barbecue garden for 30 guests.

Spa Starosel

Among the natural mountain scenery are found the attractive mineral swimming pools, promising relaxation and full recovery, both in summer and winter. The beneficial effect of water on the skin is evident.  The children together with water entertainment will strengthen their entire bodies in the throes of the game.  The offered wine therapy  and variety of massages promote the sustainable withdrawal of stress where the senses celebrate every moment of transformation .... 

Starosel Hotel

There are 22 accommodations places, including 2 suites with a fireplace, 5 studios, and 15 double rooms. The hotel's interior is filled with natural materials and hand-made furniture and fabrics that represent the magic of Bulgarian folklore. The combination of warm colors with the natural curves of the tree offer guests an unforgettable experience.


Hotel Kalina-Malina

There are 20 accommodation places, of which 1 luxury room with Jacuzzi, 2 luxury rooms and 17 double rooms. 

The new hotel complex Kalina Malina is a part of the winery guesthouse Starosel. This boutique hotel is built and furnished with eco materials. The traditional Bulgarian handmade draperies, carpets create comfort and warmth, enhanced by the fireplace flames in luxury rooms.


Starosel Restaurant

Restaurant "STAROSEL" has nearly 200 seats, with a garden and a fireplace.It is suitable for organizing wedding receptions, corporate parties and other formal events. The restaurant offers typical Bulgarian cuisine dishes prepared exclusively by bio-products.The guests can enjoy the wines of Winery "Starosel", to try the famous "salad" Merakliyka "for Staroselska brandy" and so many other delicious things that the chef has prepared for them.  ...And what can be better than good wine, shared with friends in a beautiful setting?