Black Sea Gold production facilities are located at three sites: a wine cellar in the town of Pomorie with two plots, and a second winery in the village of Kableshkovo, close to Pomorie. The Pomorie winery is specialized in production of red wines and wine brandy, the Kableshkovo winery is producing exclusively white wines. Bottling facilities are in Pomorie only

Black Sea Gold is a winery established in 1932 in the town of Pomorie. It possesses 650 hectares of own vineyards in the Southern Black Sea Coast region planted with international and local grape varieties.

The winery produces wine, brandy and rakia (traditional Bulgarian high alcohol drink similar to grappa). It has products in different price categories and can offer exquisite 33-year-old brandy and gracefully aged red wines. Their philosophy is to produce wine that carry the mineral finesse of the region. They pay close attention to details and make all our products with love and patience.