Château Burgozone is one of the few Bulgarian wineries located in immediate proximity to their own vineyards. It is perched on the very bank of the Danube River, over the picturesque island of Esperanto, it bears the name and the spirit of the Roman fortress which was situated on the border of the vineyard complex and provided protection to the Roman Empire from the North. It is located in the vicinity of the town of Oryahovo on loess soils, with geographic coordinates similar to those of Tuscany, Côtes du Rhône and Bordeaux, with as ideal ecological conditions as those world-famous European wine producing regions.

An important feature is that ‘Chateau Burgozone’ receives and processes only grapes from its own vineyards, which is the best guarantee of origin and high quality of the raw material.The capacity of the wine cellar is 650,000 kg grapes a year. The processing of the grapes is done with modern machinery and equipment, manufactured by the best in the industry Italian, French, German and Bulgarian companies. The aging of the wine is made in vessels in a variety of volumes from 2 to 15 tonnes and in oak barrels, which allows the production of boutique wines of the highest quality.