Dragomir Winery

The creation of Dragomir Winery estate comes from the dream of two Bulgarian enologists to change the perception of Bulgarian wines - attractive, interesting, diversity in the tastes among the different brands and a constant quality throughout the years.

The basis for the creation of these wines is their experience as wine specialists, goaded by their never-ending interest in experimentations.

The wines produced by the young team of our winery are mostly blend , derived from the grapes of well selected rows of specific vine massifs, carefully controlled throughout the year.

The total quantity of wine produced for a given year is 60,000 bottles.

The batches of the different wine brands of Dragomir are limited in quantity; the whole quantity of a given brand is bottled together and some of them are only for connoisseurs. Before distributing them on the market, our wines have a mandatory ageing in the bottles and some of the top brands mature in the bottles for 12 months.

We hope you will also find your wine with us!

For all of you who are interested in the production process of winification of the grape we would like to invite you in our winery, which is situated in the very city of Plovdiv and it is only a few minutes away from the Old Town.

The construction of the new project of Dragomir, which is entirely guided by the new technologies and the idea of nature preservation, will start in 2010 and will be situated in the village of Dragomir, close to Plovdiv and among vast vine massifs. It would provide our guests with the opportunity to go hunting, fishing and other pleasurable activities.