Midalidare Estate is a project of the Kazakhstani businessman Eugene Yusupov. Although he is not living in Bulgaria himself, his love for history, good wine and beautiful nature made him invest in Mogilovo village. A few years later and many more hours of hard labor transformed Midalidare into attractive destination for wine tourism.

The first wine cellar of Midalidare has been built in 2009. The goal of the Cellar was to produce bottled wine in small series but with a strong character with a capacity of only 120 000 bottles per year. This project kicked out successfully and in 2011 was opened a second cellar in Mogilovo with a capacity of 160 000 bottles per year. Midalidare cultivates 160 ha of vineyards, all in the area of Mogilovo, where the furthest distance from one of both cellars is barely 5 km. Wine is produced exclusively from grapes of own vineyards and the wine technology incorporates all modern requirements for environmentally friendly product.