“SALLA ESTATE” Winery was established in 2010. It is located in the village of Blaskovo, Municipality of Provadiya. The village finds itself in the heart of the famous Provadiya Plateau Sarta, only 60 km away from Varna. Nearby is the only naturally protected medieval fortress Muhaliysko Kale. In its sheer cliffs is carved the Rock monastery, dated XII – XIV century. While in the Drums Cave, inhabited since the Stone Age if you listen carefully, you can hear each blow sound like an echo of a drum. During processing of the land before planting new vineyards in the region were found Greek and Roman coins from Moesia and Thrace, fragments of pottery and ceramics, dated IV century BC to XIX century which is proof of the existence of a large wine market.

"SALLA ESTATE" Winery uses friendly raw material methods for the production of its wines to allow full expression of the particular features of the selection and the unique terroir. The Winery uses only up-to-day equipment and the latest trends in wine production - without compromising on quality. The goal of the winery is to make wines with the own image, character, and individuality, distinct and identifiable in limited series.

The grapes are grown on 300 decares own vineyards located next to the Winery, on the Southern slope. The terrain is hilly, and the area combines unique natural conditions - a combination of suitable soil, topography, and climate. The Planting material is from the French company "Guillaume" and includes the elite white selection of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer and Riesling and attractive red selection of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc.