Telish winery is built in the late 1960 but its new history started in 1999 when Jair Agopian obtained the winery from the state and set a new course for it. The winery started to produce a value for its money wine and ever since is a leader in introducing innovations to the customers. Such new product is the bag-in-box which the winery presented for the first time in Bulgaria in 2002. The winery has earned respect from its customers because of the “honest” wines it is producing and the constancy in its efforts to satisfy the customers’ expectations.

Telish Merlot and Telish Cabernet Sauvignon were the first wines to produce. Later the winey launched the T-t and T-t Lux series. Currently, Telish has a larger range of wines, some of which are new and uncommon blends for Bulgarian wine producers – Telish Sangiovese х Merlot and Telish Alicante Bbouschet х Merlot.
The winery has participated in many international wine competitions and thus proved its quality and taste worldwide. The wines of Telish can be found in more than 15 countries, on three continents. We are happy to be leaders in the creation and establishment of the new image of Bulgarian wines and to work in the direction of continuous improvement.