In 2006 Telish started the construction of Castra Rubra Winery which is a real architectural jewel equipped with the latest technologies and equipment meeting our standards for quality and minimal external influence upon grapes and wine.

Castra Rubra is situated in a small village called Kolarovo, 12 km from Khaskovo. The name of the winery is inspired by the excavations of the ancient Roman fortress Castra Rubra ( Red Fortress ) near the winery. In ancient times Castra Rubra was used as a road station for recreation, accommodation and change of horses for people traveling. Another historical landmark is the Via Diagonalis – the road between Rome and Constantinople on which was located Castra Rubra .

The winery has modern facilities, providing the ability to create excellent wines. Architecturally the winery is made of stone and wood in harmony with the environment. The building has a fermentation room, cellar for maturing and aging wines in barrels and bottles, space to receive grapes. Moreover, for the convenience and the pleasant stay of visitors the building has two receptions: tasting room and guest room.

Near the winery are the vineyards of Castra Rubra where are grown 18 varieties of white and red grapes.