Winery Villa Terres was built and put into operation in 2013. The capacity of the winery is 100 tons of grapes processed in strict compliance with internationally recognized techniques and practices for wine production and use of high enological products. Grapes are grown and observed until the right moment to harvest . During the annual campaign each cluster is selected and processed manually, then the liquid enters the appropriate court for fermentation. A team of proven professionals handles the wine production process through all stages of fermentation and aging.

Wines produced in Villa Teres are from vineyards located near the villages Karabunar , Vinogradets and Slavovitsa . While growing the grapes, innovative methods in viticulture are used, which aim to ensure an optimum yield of grape with the best possible quality indicators, as well as retaining traditional techniques in winemaking and traditions of the region.

The location of the Winery " Villa Terres " was selected after a special research of the terroir, climate, and topography of the area. This place is one of the traditional wine regions in Bulgaria with tradition and potential for creating high-quality wines. In the Karabunar village, there are four wineries. Two of them are active, and two are under construction. The wineries are located in the villages Vinogradets, Pamidovo, Lesichovo Slavovitsa and Vetren, as well as in the cities September and Pazardzhik. The “Ancient Thracian wine road” will be the first organized route for tourists shortly, comprising of large and small wineries in the area, ready to welcome visitors who wish to taste Bulgarian wines.