Maryan Winery

Maryan winery is named after the village of Maryan, where with much love and dedication its oenologists make their wines.

Built at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, the winery combines the best conditions to create unique wines. Only the best grapes are selected for Maryan’s winery wines.

The equipment is specially made for Marya winery and is a winery by the traditional technology for production of red and white wines.


Enira Domaine Bessa Valley

The wine-makers from Bessa Valley are inspired by this place as much as the Bessians were 2500 years ago.

Now they are the Bessians! It is their destiny to grow the vines of the Valley and make great wine from their fruit year after year.

Everything is done with the greatest respect for nature, the people, the vines and its fruit. 



The legend says that once in the monastery of St. Panteleimon monks made fragrant raspberry wine. Today, from the sanctuary has remained only a stone cross. Around the ruins organic raspberry plantation is grown and the ancient wine recipe is still preserved. This amazing drink can transport you to another dimension, high in the Stara Planina. Made from 100% organic fermented raspberries and tradition. Contains no artificial colors, fragrances and flavors. The taste is sweet, dense, with heavy fruit characteristics. Combines well with cheese, meat and fruit.



Aronia-Agro Ltd is a company established in 1995 and oriented in wholesale trading. From 2002 the firm started to grow the plantations of Aronia and produce an organic juice from Aronia and make Aronia wines.

Aronia wines have more healing properties than the wine from grapes because the fruit of Aronia contains five times more polyphenol compounds than the grapes. Aronia wines are young red wines of high-quality grapes and organically grown fruit Aronia (chokeberry). 


Bratanov Winery

Bratanov Winery is a small family-run project – the result of the hard work and devotion of a father and his sons, who have set out the honorable mission to restore the ancestral tradition. The foundations were set in 2006 with planting the 24 ha of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Rubin, Chardonnay and Tamianka.


Balar Estate Winery

Balar winery is in the immediate vicinity of the vineyards which ensures the preservation of all qualitative characteristics of the grapes from the beginning of the vinification process. The winery’s capacity is 50 tonnes of grapes per annum.

Balar Estate Winery applies traditional winemaking techniques using a significant amount of dedicated manual labour, as it further enhances the quality of our red wines.The young wine matures in 225-litre French oak barrels and is aged further in bottles in an underground cellar of constant temperature and controlled air humidity.


MIdalidare Estate Winery

Midalidare Estate is a project of the Kazakhstani businessman Eugene Yusupov. Although he is not living in Bulgaria himself, his love for history, good wine and beautiful nature made him invest in Mogilovo village. A few years later and many more hours of hard labor transformed Midalidare into attractive destination for wine tourism.



The winery produces three types of wines – white, rosé and red, from one grape variety – Cabernet Sauvignon. Their own plantations of this variety are 10 ha and they are from 1973. Since 2012 the wines are being made in the recently built winery.


Khan Krum

“Khan Krum” Wine Cellar was opened back in 1939, when part of vineyard owners in the village of Khan Krum found their own vine - growing and wine - making cooperation. A wine cellar of classic type with concrete reservoirs was built on an area of 30 decares.


Tsarev Brod

Winery “Tsarev Brod” is located in the village of Tsarev Brod, Shumen Municipality in the close of the only rock lay in Europe –Madara Raider which is an object of a cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.

The project for the winery starts in year 2001 when the family of agronomists planted the first ha of vine farming ,in the present moment it reaches 27 ha. They are people close to the land and they realize that to build cellar and buildings is easy and fast but perennial plants need time and systemic care. Raw material - is the key of a future winery.