The winery of Zlaten Rozhen is located in the village of Kapatovo, in a land property of approximately 4000 m2. The winery is a modern architectural complex, with a fully completed production cycle, starting with grapes and ending at the bottle of wine. It is equipped with the most modern fermentation facilities with options to optimize and control all processes of vinification, maturing, stabilization and bottling of the wines. It handles the grapes yielded by the vines, reaching a capacity of 150 tons annually. The winery has a tasting room, where the group- and individual wine tastings are available, as well as wine tours for the wine connoisseurs.

In the surrounding area, tourist attractions abound - which provides excellent opportunities for travel. The Pirin National Park, the Sandstone Pyramids of Melnik (natural rock formations), Rozhen Monastery (one of the largest and best-preserved in Bulgaria) – they are all nearby. Another landmark in the vicinity is the ‘Rupite’ protected area, along with the National Park “St. Petka Bulgarska” as well as the National Park-Museum “Samuil’s Fortress”. Both attractions are included in the list of the Top 100 National Tourist Attractions.