Damianitza was founded in 1940, just before the Second World War and for over half a century produced wine drawing from the exquisite grape that grew in the pristine areas near Bulgaria's Southern border. When it was purchased in 1997, as part of the country's post-communist privatization process, the winery underwent a dramatic organizational and equipment overhaul to enable it to bring exclusive wines to domestic and international customers. The current bottling capacity is 2 000 000 bottles and Damianitza produces above 1 400 000 on average yearly. Nowadays the winery is a dynamic modern facility employing advanced vinification techniques.

Giving top priority to quality, Damianitza emphasizes control throughout the entire production process, from incoming materials through manufacturing to marketing, distribution and use. Therefore, we invested in a new filling line, labeling machine, precision grape processing equipment, fermentation tanks, barriques and vineyards.

The mission of Damianitza Winery is to make premium wines that appeal to cosmopolitan wine drinkers while reviving a venerable legacy of winemaking in Bulgaria. Damianitza is best-known for brands: No Man’s Land, Uniqato, ReDark, Kometa: these wines have won many awards at world competitions.