Domaine Boyar was the first private wine company founded after the fall of the communist regime in Bulgaria. Established in Sofia and London in 1991, Domaine Boyar managed to navigate successfully through the period of economic transition and establish itself as one of the biggest and most trusted producers and exporters of Bulgarian wine to Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Domaine Boyar is a company entirely dedicated to modern winemaking. Their mission is to develop wine culture by creating wines that truly inspire a more stylish and exciting life. 
Their team consists of highly qualified oenologists and the most modern wine cellars in Central and Eastern Europe. They are extremely careful in their selection of only the best grapes of each and every harvest to reach wine of maximum quality. They aspire to produce exciting wines in a vibrant spectrum of styles and provide a sheer pleasure to those in the know. 

Major markets of the company are the United Kingdom, Benelux, Russia, Canada, USA and the Scandinavian countries. Domaine Boyar and Blueridge are the only Bulgarian wine brands to enter the prestigious British wine rank list Top 50 of AС Nielsen in the mid-90s.

The Korten Winery is located in the viticultural region of Thracian Valley. It is famous for its methods of micro vinification and its emblematic red wines.

At Korten, they possess an excellent cooling system for must and wine which enables us to apply contemporary winemaking practices. The winery holds 2300 American and French casks – a must-have element for vinification and production of premium wines.

Back in 2003, they started a boutique wines project with the first bottles of the Solitaire range. The concept, based on methods applied in France, grew both in scope and size in 2007 and the so-called vin de garage wines were born. They are focused on combining wine-growing and winemaking to create wines, which are unique, both in character and origin. The grapes for these wines are from selected and controlled vineyards in the region. The hand-harvested grapes are picked and transported in cassettes, then go through vinification in small oak fermenters of 600 liters. All critical phases of the process – such as sinking “the hat” and basket pressing – are done by hand.