Boi&ar Winery

During the year of 1922 one of the distinguished families in the business – Boychevi – begun the development of vineyards and established a small winery, which was nationalized in 1952. During 1998, the brothers Simeon and Dimitar Boychevi together with Argir Hristoforov, resumed the old family wine growing tradition by the development of 350 decares of vineyards situated in close proximity to their new winery Boi&ar.


Mezek Wine Cellar

"Winery Mezek" is a micro-winery with an annual production of 4 metric tons. It is situated in the village of Mezek, near the Greek and Turkish boundaries.
Their philosophy is to produce ecologically pure wine, based on a technology, which makes the most of the idea “home winemaking”. 

Likewise, the winery offers to its guest wine tasting.

In the vinification process, they use the century-old submerged cap fermentation technique.

All production processes are being performed by hand.


Brestovitsa Winery

BRESTOVITSA WINERY is situated  in the south-west of Plovdiv, 17 kms away from the city, in the fruitful Thracian lowlands, a land famous for the making of the divine drink troughout its thousand year old history.

The winery was built in the late 30`s of the last century designed by French engineers. It is a classic example of a French above ground cellar with a total capacity of 4,000,000 liters.

The wine-cellar processes excellent hand-picked grapes, which ferment according to the classical technology for high-quality wines.


Katarzyna Estate

“The wine is made in the vineyards. We are just taking care of it, while it is in our cellar.”
The goal is by using traditional winemaking techniques to manifest the uniqueness of the vineyard, its terroir and to make wines, which carry the elegancy and refinement of “ The Old World” and to find the pure balance between the fruit, acidity, oak and the tannins. 
In their cellar, the key to the creation of good wine is passion.


Vino Culture

Vino Culture is a small and cozy wine and shop. It is situated in Plovdiv, the city center near the main street and the Old Town.

It is a place to enjoy Bulgarian and European wines with homemade tapas.

Several times a month "Vino Culture" organizes various events like Wine Tasting and Live Music during the weekend.


Starosel Restaurant

Restaurant "STAROSEL" has nearly 200 seats, with a garden and a fireplace.It is suitable for organizing wedding receptions, corporate parties and other formal events. The restaurant offers typical Bulgarian cuisine dishes prepared exclusively by bio-products.The guests can enjoy the wines of Winery "Starosel", to try the famous "salad" Merakliyka "for Staroselska brandy" and so many other delicious things that the chef has prepared for them.  ...And what can be better than good wine, shared with friends in a beautiful setting?

Zagreus Winery

“Zagreus” Winery is a modern complex with a fully complete production cycle beginning from the grapes and ending with the bottle of wine. It is equipped with the most contemporary fermentation facilities with the ability to optimize and control all processes of vinification, aging, stabilization and bottling of wine. During the vinification we do not use any synthetic chemicals. The yeast for fermentation is guaranteed GMO-free. Only additives with a natural origin are permissible, extracted from natural products – vegetable, mineral, microorganisms without GMOs.

Starosel Winery

Winery "Starosel" was built in 2005.  Manufacturing plant has an annual processing capacity of 1000 tons of grapes and is unique for Bulgaria manufacturing technology, as well as special equipment for fermentation and selection of grapes.  Technologists and winemakers from cellar "Starosel" lit a flame that will keep track of our time and will carry through the centuries the tradition of the ancient Thracians, who have left a gift in the art to make and drink wine.

Todoroff Wine Cellar

Todoroff Boutique Wine Cellar is specialized in production of high quality red wines of "Mavrud", "Merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon" grape varieties in boutique series of limited quantity. The cellar is situated in one of the symbolic for the Bulgarian wine production villages - the village of Brestovitza.